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What is the Asian Pacific (APA) Studies Program?

MSU’s Asian Pacific American Studies Program offers a minor to undergraduate students, increases the awareness of APA issues through programming, offers faculty/staff academic and social support for its minor students and offers leadership experience to students who are interested in increasing the visibility of APA issues to the MSU community. We offer work study, internship and volunteering opportunities.

What is a minor and how will it benefit me?

A minor is offered to MSU undergraduate students who are interested in increasing their education in a specialized area of study. Because this is meant only to provide a foundational knowledge base of a particular area, the requirements are very minimal compared with a student’s major area of study.

What are the requirements of an APA Studies Minor?

An APA Studies Minor requires only 6 courses to complete (17-23 credits). These courses range from a selection of APA core courses along with Asian/APA heritage and race & ethnicity courses. SSC 293 is the only course that all APA Minor students must take. [NOTE: Other options such as study abroad, domestic study away courses, and independent study to conduct a research project are available if they are approved in advance by the Director of the minor.]

How will I fit the required courses into my busy schedule?

The minor is designed to be flexible. If you plan in advance, you will find that many of the courses can also be used to fill general education or major requirements. You may find that you already took courses that will count towards this minor!

How do I sign up?

Contact the APA Studies Director, Dr. Terese Guinsatao Monberg, by email ( or by phone: (517) 884-1324.