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Undergraduate Minor

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The Minor in Asian Pacific American Studies, which is administered by the College of Social Science, is available as an elective to students who are enrolled in bachelor’s degree programs at Michigan State University. Although the minor complements a number of major fields, students who plan graduate study related to the social sciences, ethnic studies, literature, or history may find the minor particularly appealing. In addition, students interested in pursuing professional training in business administration and management, city and regional planning, counseling, education, law, library and informational science, public health, and social welfare may also be interested in the specialization. In a broader sense, knowledge of APA Studies prepares students for employment in a multiracial and multicultural society in which an understanding of racial and cultural differences is increasingly necessary to work with people from various backgrounds.

What is a "Minor in APA Studies?"

  1. An interdisciplinary focus on APA issues and populations in the U.S with special interest in the Midwest.
  2. An emphasis on Asian Pacific American issues within the context of international migration and transnational and diasporic connections, both past and present. The inclusion of the study of populations of Asian descent living outside of their ancestral countries as ethnic and/or racial minorities in the field of APA Studies provides an essential comparative perspective to processes of racialization in the U.S.
  3. Involvement in the community in both educational and service capacities.
  4. Education of both APA and non APAs in the MSU community about APA issues as part of the broader study of American history and culture

The courses that are used to satisfy the requirements for the minor may be used to fulfill the requirements for the bachelor’s degree.

The Minor in Asian Pacific American Studies is designed to focus on the social and cultural history, and contemporary issues, relating to Asian Pacific Americans. Asian Americans are a diverse group who come from varying class, ethnic, religious, class, and national backgrounds. Their identity as Asian Pacific Americans has been defined through their shared experiences as minorities in the U.S. which have resulted in pan-ethnic social and political activism. As a field of academic study, the field of APA Studies aims to broaden the greater student body’s understanding of American history, and issues of race, class, power, and representation. Within this context, Asian Pacific Americans should be viewed not as marginal to U.S. society, but rather as an integral part of it.

Minor in APA Studies

YOU may be very close to completing an APA Studies Minor if you have taken a course related to Asia/Asian America or even centered on Race relations! Check out what you need to do to complete the minor here